Thank you, Melissa!

Melissa of "Queen of Holidays" has a Fantastic Follower drawing every friday.....and well, last Friday, I won! I tried to take my own picture, but Melissa has "way" with her pictures and her goodies. I love my lil skellies in that little draw sting bag. I have them in my studio with me for now, but can not wait to add them to my All Hallow's Eve Collection.

Melissa makes the NEATEST Holiday creations. You will have to stop by her blog and check out, all of her goodies.....she is one talented gal. Thank you again Melissa!


Sonia ;) said...

I Love Melissa's work. I bought two of her cards and framed and hung themabove my fireplace...People adore them. You lucky gal winning those. Have a happy Saturday.


Sonia ;)

Jenny said...

Those are neat! I like the little bag, to.

Thanks for the goodies. I put them on my purses today. Love em!!!
The cards are awesome. They look so professionally done...like I could find them in a boutique!

Phillane E'lee said...

aren't those cool? very neat. Two prizes from two melissa's. Love the bag too.
Have a great week T.