Boy, this week sure has been a FUN week, to say the least and it is only Tuesday! A HUGE difference from last week, I tell ya. So, as some of you have read....I was also in a ~Skelly Swap~, hosted by Dani of Ambitions Design...

I was paired up with Candy of Howling Moons Design. She is a gem and I LOVE my Skelly! Pictures do not do this sweet skelly justice! He has glass glitter on him and he is more muted. He will look awesome with my All Hallow's Eve Collection...but will reside with me in my studio until then.

The funny thing is...Candy and I both used trims and glitters from Annie of Glitter your World/Blur.Baby! How NEAT is that! Thank you so much, Candy. I had so much FUN with this swap and I will treasure him ALWAYS!

And here is the Skelly that I gave to Candy. I love making shakers and of course, I just had to make one for Candy. I also gave her a candle. I had so much fun making this shaker...I said to myself, when I was on Spooky Time Jingles, this is what I should have been making. Oh well, live and learn.
Here is a close-up shot of my skelly. Love that paper garland around the neck...another find from Annie at Glitter your World...as is the glitter and the little ribbon, with dots! Love her stuff. Stop on by her website and add a little SPARKLE, go Glitter your world...she just added some FLUFF...go and Fluff your WORLD! *smirk* I had to chuckle at that one. That was cute.

So, I think I have been enough of a CHATTERBOX today...now I must work! Remember I was gone most of the day...Ninny had her Spring concert. She did a great job. I took pictures, but have not had time to look at them or edit them, just yet. I hope they turned out, as it is always dark in the gym. Toodles, ~Tonya


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Hi Tonya :)
I'm so glad you like your Skelly!
I was worried maybe that it was "over kill" with the Glass Glitter, but I remembered you like Sparkely to..LOL
This was really fun, and as far as both of us using Annie"s cool ribbons and things..:)..Great Minds think alike..LOL..AND Annie has some great goodies on her site!!
Thank You Again!

Naija said...

i dont use to like skulls but i did this time lol

Sonia ;) said...

So sweet. I love the way you work.


Sonia ;)

Heidi said...

Hi Tonya!
So glad to hear you are having a better week this week. It is so fun to get things in the mail besides bills. I have your Noisemakers pattern and have made a set of them. I love the ruffle around the neck of your swap shaker. Is that crepe paper around the neck? It looks so cute.

Anonymous said...

love it.... love it.... you deserve it, sweeeeeets..... yipeeeeee!!!!! Hugs and Loves, MO

Jenny said...

Oh that skelly is fabulous. love the colors and the eyes!! heehee. Anyone would be blessed to get a swap from you!!!!

Annie said...

Sooo adorable !!! I love the skelly's!
Thank you for the kind words in your write up...That was so nice of ya!!
Hugs Annie