Look real close...

Well the parade was cancelled. We had tornado warnings out. There was rumbling and sprinkling and then all of a sudden, the sirens went off. They came around saying the parade was cancelled. We only got to see a very small part of the parade. All of us were disappointed. The parade will not be rescheduled either.

Then we were leaving, heading to Wal-Mart....we sighted this vertical dark form and it was moving so fast. I pulled off to the side (as did the vehicle ahead of us) to look at it. I don't know if it was a tornado, but it surely looked like a funnel cloud and it was large, dark and moving very fast. Moments like that are so scary. Then we had really high winds and down pouring of rain. It was awful, it blew the doors of Wal-Mart open. They had to hand pull the doors of the store open to let us in, they had lost power (in and out) several times. There was no shopping for a while and they all made us go to the back of the store away from the glass.

Well after that adventure, we went to Perkins. It was very busy there, seems there was a power outage and folks were without electricity. We didn't lose electricity....Thankfully. Some are still without. So after all of that excitement, I am glad to be home. The rainbow posted above, was taken in Wal-Mart parking lot, after the storm moved out. I hope tomorrow will be a better day....the kids are looking forward to the fire works. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


CraBBy GaBBy said...

These are the moments that life is made out of...

I am so sorry you did not get to see your parade, I know they are expecting "rain" for us as well...

The picture is gorgeous of the Rainbow.

Living here in the midwest I have been through MANY MANY MANY Tornado scares

Such an adreniline rush!
Have a most Wonderful 4th Tonya!!
Is Courtney doing better with her ear?


Pea said...

Well you have just too much excitement. I hope that today has been much better.
How is miss Courtney's ear doing?
well bored today here at home. Not doing nothing. think I will go create. :)

~Tonya said...

Yes, scary moments in the Midwest with tornadoes, all too common this time of the year.

I am just glad that it didn't amount to any touch downs.

And My dear Courtney is off at camp. Feeling much better and I hope they remember to put the drops in her ears at camp.