~Sweet Grace~

Sweet Grace Bunny turned out so very sweet! Yes, I know I say that quite often. Grace is my most favorite for the year! I have not made a bunny angel this year (I think). I am starting school on Monday and thought I would get one last handmade in, before then and Sweet Grace was it!

Her face is just so innocent, I love that about her. She looks so restful and peaceful. Sweet Grace was inspired by me going to school...a reminder to DREAM...we ALL should!

I am just smitten with that STAR! I love how it turned out and it adds soooo much to this piece. Lots of paper, crepe paper, german glass glitter and lots of patience *smirk* I hope you will go and take a peek, I have listed her on ETSY.

I am happy to say that we have received a much needed reprieve from the heat...so very THANKFUL for that! It actually has been so chilly in the evenings, we must shut the windows. I love Mother Nature's air conditioning. Have a great week...time is just flying by for me. So much to finish up around here before Monday. Toodles, ~Tonya


My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Grace is beautiful Tonya :) It is cooler here today a nice change from what it has been that's for sure .I was able to get up this morning and open the windows for the first time in months .Lovin the fresh air today .


Sandy said...

Yayyy- I finally did it! I finally used a pattern by you! Now that I've settled down in my new town/state - I used your Vintage Annie pattern and witch-ified it! Here's my post - I love how it turned out (and will make myself one)! 1st time making this kinda head! :)
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