Duluth Getaway -

We went to Duluth (the kids and I, along with my sister, her family and my Mom & Stepfather). I picked out some pictures, that were the "highlight" of our time there, in Duluth. There is such beauty there...Lake Superior is breathtaking!

The first day we arrived, we were going to go the the beach. We had to cross the bridge to get there...but the bridge was going up...tons of people and they were actually exiting there vehicles while waiting. We thought, why not? We did and we were able to see the Tall Ships arriving! It was awesome! To see those Tall Ships coming in, was like nothing else. All the pictures were taken by my phone and unedited...

Aren't they just BEAUTIFUL! I think it was the first boat, pictured above was on "Pirates of the Caribbean". They told us, but I cannot remember. There were quite a few and while we were there, we actually seen 8 of them sail in. It is describable...

A lighthouse at the end of the pier. You can see Courtney in this picture. The first day it was full of sun, while we walked along the beach and so forth and this day however, was totally different. Full of haze, pretty chilly, rained off and on and pretty windy.

Here is another lighthouse that was there. We watched a very large barge come in, full of limestone. They actually talked about the barge and the length of that barge was unforgettable! Watching it go by us while on the pier and see the crew waving...pretty neat! They had been out for a very long time. That barge only goes a max. speed of 16 mph. Imagine that!

Here was my first vision of Lake Superior, on foot - our first day as we walked over the bridge to the beach....awwww, BEAUTIFUL! It was so blue and it went for as far as the eye could see.

Tracks and a stone wall, that I thought was pretty. We went on a scenic train ride of the North Shore. It was so pretty. My kids and I had never been on a train. We enjoyed that too...

The bridge that opens for the boats. We got stuck on the other side for about an hour and a half, the first day. A little frustrating, but to be expected. Going across the bridge and looking over, so pretty.

One of the fountains in the downtown area. I had to snap a picture. So many things to look at and so much beauty.

Jordan and Ron along the beach the first day. We had just arrived and were waiting for the cabin, so we went to the beach. Such clear water and walking along Lake Superior on a beautiful day, there is nothing like it...look at that smile. We found such pretty rocks along the shore.

My Mom and Ron here. This is the bridge we crossed to get to the beach, it was near the airport. While walking through the sand to get to the beach, it was pretty hot on the ol' feet! We had FUN! Made some wonderful memories that will certainly last a lifetime! Tomorrow is my birthday...another year older...another year wiser! Hope you all have been having a FUN summer! Blessings, ~Tonya


Denni said...

I love your ship pictures. My son Gage loves pirates of the Caribbean after going to Disneyland last year so I'm always looking at pirate ships. They look amazing. I'm glad you all had fun :)

West Side of Straight said...

It sure is fun watching the ships come and go there in Duluth, and what a treat to see those big sail ships! I used to work in Duluth and every Wed. there is a club of sail boats with all colors of the rainbow, and they go out in the evening on Wednesdays. So pretty to watch.
Have a great Week! Jo

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Thanks for sharing your photos !

Isn't it great to get away and see sights like this ?

I love the ships and the water !


Violet said...

I love the pictures of the ships and I love that they were in Pirates of the Caribbean!

Anonymous said...

I love your ship and light house pictures!! There is just something about old ships and light houses that I really love...we have done many light house tours and hope this Fall to visit some more.
Looks like you have a wonderful time in Duluth.