What I have been up too! Lots of stuff, but not creating dolls!! I have always loved the color "Robin's Egg Blue" and knew that someday I wanted to have that color in my studio. That color of blue goes hand-in-hand with a chocolate brown (which I love), but brown is just too dark for a work space (in my eyes) so I left the walls the existing base color (a creamy taupe-ish color) and threw in some chocolate accents. I love the valances I made...and that chunky wide ric-rac that I love....I just had to have that in there too!!

If you all remember, this was Jordan's bedroom....he had a border with fish on it and the wall with stripes on it, that was an accent wall that I had "rag-rolled" on and then antiqued it. Well, that being a main wall, I had to accent it with the pretty stripes. I did not want to ruin the existing base coat and really did not want to take down the border (being a bit lazy I think...but I think I created more work for myself this way) and I have heard that you can paint them, if you prep them first. So, that is what I did! I painted them and added a torn edge effect and am not quite done with them yet...but wanted to show my progress. Here are the pics, in order if you are standing in the center of my studio and turn clock-wise. I still have to add some creative things to the border...but am LOVING it so far!!

Lots of table space. How long do you think it will stay clean? Not long. I plan to work in there today, but wanted to show you these pictures, before the mess! Could not live without those two stands that are by my chair, with all those drawers. Love them! Oh and the chairs, Jordan and I re-covered them a couple of weeks ago...crushed corduroy - sooo neat and love how they look!

My most FAVORITE wall and would love to do the whole room in stripes, but that is a lot of work, lots of painters tape (which is not cheap) and LOTS of patience! *smirk* I would love to contact someone that has the machine to cut large vinyl letters and have a witty saying on that border area...ya just never know what I may come up with! Those pictures above are Gritty Jane prints. Love her work, but would never be able to afford an original, so the prints are the next best thing for me. I may end up painting those frames chocolate brown...the black is bothering me a bit...

Gotta love the cubby-hole thinga-ma-bobs! Everything in it's place! You can see everything and find everything. Just think, the one I purchased is the tan one and that was suppose to be for wine bottles - but I thought outside the box! The white one, was a freebie along a road, that someone was throwing away and it said FREE. On top of the white one, lots of glass jars and eye-candy up there!

See this area? This is the area that is not done yet! I have to move the stands and paint the border and such yet. I figured that would be a good project in a couple of weeks. I have an itch to create and I have to feed that itch!! The picture of the window at the beginning of this post...that window is right before this picture. I just didn't take a full picture of the window and the partial plastic stand way to the left. All you missed was a window...just trying to keep this in order for a visual aide :)

Most of my fabrics (which is way too much)! This is my little Halloween area - a top of this stand. I just didn't have the heart to put these things away...along with my Skelly from Laurie on my cubby-hole stand (on my table). He had to be protected, so he does not fall. He is a tall fellow!

And the last picture...back at the door. I hope you enjoyed my little tour. It really is a very nice space, I think it is 13x13 or something close to that. Love my space now...so funky, cheery and inviting! Makes me smile every time!

I must "shake a leg" and get some things done. I am going to start creating again....and don'tcha think it is about time? HA! I have been a SLACKER! I hope you all have a PERFECT Friday and a BEAUTIFUL weekend. Ta-ta for now kiddies, ~Tonya


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

HOLY COW!! I love how you painted your space and love!!! the colors too..love the ripped paper look..I have the circle fabric too..:) going to be a gift for someone in blog land...you did a fantastic job..love how organized your space is and love those cubby boxes...have a great weekend and happy creating.:)

Boltz Raggedies said...

Awesome is all I can say!!!!

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much, Ladies! I did have fun with it. Gina, I looked and looked for some fabric at quilt shoppes and no such luck. Then I found that circle fabric.

For me, it was perfect! A bit FUNKY, but not too funky and the perfect color combination, since I wanted to have brown, but some light colors as well. I love that fabric!

I hope both of you have a great day!

West Side of Straight said...

What an awesome work room, with such good storage and everything has it's place!!!!!!!!!!! Totallly love it! Nice decorating job, and I love your Valance too!

Denni said...

It's so cool looking!! The brown and blue go so well. LOVE it LOVE it!! I love how organized you are too.

Originalsbyconnieione said...

Oh my Gosh, You have managed the impossible without trying... what I mean is, you've inspired me to do something with my studio/sewing room. I LOVE what you've done with yours. How beautiful!

Thanks :O) Connie

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Holy C.R.A.P. ! Creative Retreat ~ Artist's Paradise that is !

I just love it ~ I love brown and blue together and that creamy taupe sets it off, and I just love dots and that curtain fabric is perfect and so cute !

And everything in its place and a place for everything.. lucky gal, you !

My little studio sewing room is so small, I can't even change my mind in it.

I am in the process of cleaning up my messes and trying to find a place for everything.. and you have inspired me !


~Tonya said...

Thank you to each one of you that have stopped by and have given my studio such wonderful comments!

I am so Happy that I have Inspired some of you...I didn't know I would do that, just from posting pictures of my studio, but I am glad that I did.

And the organizing, I have to be organized (well for the most part), if I am not...I find myself looking for my supplies more then working. HA!

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

I love your new work studio!! Looks like a great place to be creative!!


Tracy said...

I love your progress. I totally love the colours you choose. Beautiful

PEA said...

Okay let me see, I have made my shopping list here is it. I want the drawers in silver ya know the ones you can't live with out? I like some of the little treasures in there too. Mmmmmmmmmm I see a bigshot and paper, yummy fabrics, boxes with kitties and well this list is getting pretty big. LOL Would you like me to pick it up in person?
Love the new room Tonya. I will be following close behind ya soon with my new room. I hope to get it as organized as yours.
great job.

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Hi Tonya,
First, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the nicest comment! You made my evening :)
Now, I must say.. I LOVE your studio!!! It is a DREAM :) The colors are perfect and look at all the creative stuff.

Take care,

Sheryl Parsons said...

Wow Tonya! Slacker is not a word I would use at all in this case. The valance is so adorable and matches so well with the rest of the room. Love the torn paper border, how creative! The colors are perfect for setting a creative mood from what I read recently so you are so on track. Great studio!

~Tonya said...

Thank you all so much for all of the wonderful compliments. I sure do appreciate it and they make me smile. I did have fun with it, but boy it sure was a lot of work.

I hope you each have a great day.

fiddlestixstudios said...

TONYA! Your studio is absolutely wonderful!!! I figured that was wallpaper!You did such a perfect job with the paint!Lucky,lucky you! I know you love creating in there!
Hugs :-),

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your room is fantastic. What fun it must be to create there.