Happy Friday! My title is "Imagine that", well because it is hard to Imagine that Pigs can Fly! Also, a few other things to tell you about thou....Penny Piggy is listed on ebay, for 5 days and will end on Tuesday evening. Here is another "Imagine that"...yesterday, I was out picking up more sticks and taking some gravel out of the grass, from the sides of the driveway (don't want them to wreck the blades on the lawn mower ya know) from plowing during the winter...FUN, FUN!

Jordan came up to me and said there are a couple of piles of gravel way back by the shed. I went and took a look, YUP - more gravel to pick up! I was on my knees picking up gravel, from the grass, from our snow plow person that shoved our snow waaaaaaay back there! Crazy! Imagine that. *smirk* One more thing to let you know about...

Ann of Crowing About Primitives is having a HUGE WOOL SALE!! The wool she has listed is only $4.00 per ounce (that is a good deal)!! She has them listed here. Go and take a look for yourself. Ann always packs them so nice and the wool always smells so clean. You can always email her if you have any questions. I hope you all have a great day. I am going to go and work in my studio now....almost ready to stain my next dollie.....Imagine that! LOL I am on a roll, normally it takes me about another week to get something done --- but I am not done yet! HA! Have a great day. ~Tonya


Tracy said...

Our snow blower person has done this also. We have rocks over 1/2 of the yard. GRRR.
Maybe if he raked it there would be less next year.
I also noticed a ding in out front window oh oh.

West Side of Straight said...

Lovin Lil Penny Piggy!!!!!!!!! Of course I would, hog farmer and all!
Just love her! You are such a good artist.
Have a great MN weekend. (know what you mean about raking and cleaning up winter gravel!!!)