~Sweetness & Eye-Candy~

Awww Sweet Lulu...he always has to be near me. He follows me everywhere. Lulu has my heart and always will. Lulu is perfectly content just sitting by me and watching me...he even purrs, while watching. Yes, he was laying on my studio table, that is the only table he can be on! No other surfaces. He knows he can be on my studio table, so he does...when I am in there....

See the little dollie laying there (with pins in her eye's) *smirk* and see the cone, those are parts of my addition to my "Magikal Merriments Collection", a slow work in progress and I am loving it, so far!! I also have an Americana piece in the "making".

And look at my goodies from Annie (Glitter your World/Blur.Baby)! Love her goodies! I purchased wired pom pom's, leaf trim, vintage seam binding....

And look at the Awesome Spider trim for All Hallow's Eve and orange/black grosgrain ribbon. I can't wait to use them all. Annie always packs them so nice...makes you feel so special. I have plans for some and others...well, we shall see.

Today I am going to work on my dollies in progress, clean the house and later on go bowling with my kiddies and hubby is meeting us there. The proceeds go to the school and well, we get to have some fun too. I like bowling, but can only bowl about 2 games and then my wrists get swollen. I hope you all have a great day. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


~Check this out!!

Most of you know, my sister has a Scrapbooking store, well she has a HOT DEALS BLOG as well. Each week, on Wednesday she has a NEW HOT DEAL and today, she is offering a HOT DEAL from Cosmo Cricket (love them)! Up for grabs is a set of 2, one acrylic stamp set and one pkg. of cardstock stickers.

There is a limited quantity with each of them...so get them while you can, before they are gone!!

Today we have a gloomy day here...perfect for staying inside and sewing. I hope to get to that, after my dishes. I baked 2 batches of YUMMY chocolate chip cookies last night and a batch with walnuts added in for hubby.....boy, they sure are yummy! I hope you all have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Bring in the Clowns~

ANOTHER Exceptional DEAL on one of my epatterns! You must be signed up for Patternmart Newsletter in order to receive it OR you can email me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com I can forward you the Newsletter or send you a paypal invoice for it. Bring in the Clowns epattern includes the clown, monkey and balloons, it does NOT include the wagon. The epattern is only $4.00 for a Limited time thru Patternmart. Get it while you can!

Do not go straigh to patternmart to make the purchase, the epattern is not discounted there....only in the newsletter. If you should have any questions, just email me. I am always here to try and help.

This past weekend, we grilled, visited, had some fun! The kids went swimming at the campsite. No, we did not camp, but we did go out and visit hubby's family. Ninny and I went for a wagon ride. We did all that on Sunday...it was a BEAUTIFUL day. Jordan went fishing with his friend and had lots of fun.

I must go. I have lots to do and it being Tuesday already, well I feel VERY behind! Only 7 more days until the kids are done with school. MY HOW TIME FLIES!! Have a grand evening. Toodles, ~Tonya



Thank You.
To each person that has given the ultimate sacrifice for our FREEDOM.
Today we HONOR all of you...past, present and future.


~Blog Giveaway~

Now for the details...This blog giveaway is in CELEBRATION of my ~FOLLOWERS~ You are in automatically if you FOLLOW me! If you leave a comment, you will receive an extra entry and if you blog about my giveaway and place my giveaway banner on the sidebar of your blog (linking back to this post), you will receive another entry.

Spread the word, I may have more then one winner! If you do not have a blog, Email me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com and I will gladly enter you.

I hope to post the goodies that you will win, in the next week or so. Good Luck!!


Get it while you can!!

For those of you that like an EXCEPTIONAL DEAL, I thought I would let you know, my Lydie-Bug epattern is up for grabs for only $4.00!! That is a great deal! If you subscribe to patternmart's newletter, then you received it in the newsletter....

or those of you that do not subscribe, here is the link (it will take you to the newletter) just scroll down, until you see my pattern and click on it. While you are there, why don't you sign up! I have other epatterns that will be on special, in the next coming issues...

You must purchase the epattern HERE or you will not get the discounted price. It still shows regular price on my patternmart pages. I do not know how long it is valid for...so get it while you can!

If you should have any questions or problems, you can email me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com and I can always forward the Patternmart Newsletter to you or I can always shoot you a paypal invoice and send you the epattern, when I receive payment. This is only while the sale is valid on patternmart. I hope you understand.

That is it for now. I must get busy, the day is a wasting. *smirk* I know I still have to make a banner/badge for my giveaway...most likely that will come Friday or this weekend. So just hold tight. Have a GRAND day and take time to enjoy it. Toodles, ~Tonya



Aren't these so PRETTY!! I made some paper flowers this weekend and am showing how they look on a package! I made them with a Spellbinder diecut, embossed them, used chalk ink for shading the edges and a neat stamp from my sister's store (can't remember the name of the Co. for the stamp). The flower has 3 layers and the center is separate...
I used bazzill bling paper and love the sheen to it! The camera did not pick that up to well, but in person, so very pretty. I also curled the edges of the flower here and there, so that you could see the layers.

Other then that, I did not really get much done this weekend. We did go to church again, which feels good to be going again and read some more of my book, the Artists Way. A very neat book - Thank you Ann. Ann of Crowing About Primities gifted me the book. She is just so very sweet for thinking of me. The kiddies are also enjoying church and Sunday School.

I just thought I would share my Paper Pretties with you. I enjoyed making them. Have a wonderful evening. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Liberty Queen~

This little sweetie is listed on ebay...along with my All Hallow's Eve Vintage style cones. Liberty will end on Sunday evening and the cones will end on Monday evening...

And a couple of other things to "ramble" about....let's see how many people read my ramblings and you quiet ones.....well?? Read on. First, yesterday my head was spinning....we went to Alltel, to get a couple of new phones. Hubby accidently let his phone go through the wash...well liquid and cell phones DO NOT MIX!! We had our phones for almost 4 years and mine is still just fine. Well, with Verizon taking over this summer, prices and such will be higher...I didn't want to renew our contract, because with the one we had...more minutes, less money, etc. enough said! *smirk*

We wanted to get Jordan a phone. So many times he has used ours, when he is fishing with a friend and so forth (a save my sanity bit - ya know). I had decided on the phone, that I thought was a "good" phone, but not too many "bells and whistles", so that we could figure out how to use it and not spending an "arm and leg" every month and yes, a new contract (sign our life away).

Hubby ended up stopping in and well, let's just say a bit over an hour later with him there....we were walking out with the same phones and same plan that I had decided on. Well, I had to stop back for them, after they were activated. Funny how that works. Sometimes I think men are worst then women.

Okay, now onto my other thought....I want to have a giveaway! It is in CELEBRATION of 100 FOLLOWERS!! (I still don't get the whole following bit, but jumping on the "band wagon" anyways) I will be posting the giveaway, in a few days...as time allows, but those of you that read about it hear, post a comment and let me know you read about it here, on this post and I will drop your names into the hat as a "freebie" entry.

Here is a little "ditty" about the details of my giveaway....I will be having you post about it on your blog (if you have one), with a fun little graphic and also if you follow my blog, well you are automatically entered in. Let's see how many of you read my ramblings and leave a comment here!

Have a great day! I have much to do. Toodles, ~Tonya





~SpOoKy-BoO & ScARy~

Aren't they just so much FUN!! Love how these Vintage Inspired "All Hallow's Eve" cones turned out. I had sOOooo Much FUN making these. I only have 2 available...and they will be listed on ebay....I hope later tonight!

Here are all three of them. I will include the link on ebay, after I get them listed. Have a great day! I have lots to do and my kiddies will be home shortly...so toodles for now. ~Tonya


Sneak Peek and Teaser...

I have been playing with paper and am having so much FUN! I have been playing with some new stamps and well my Wizard...ALL HALLOWEEN. Tis my very favorite time of year. These are little notecards, no envelopes and very inexpensive to purchase. They have scalloped edges and blank inside. I will try to get them and some new things listed on my selling site very soon...maybe Etsy too. I could not take pictures outside today, as it was WAAAAY to windy!

And here is a teaser pic! Shame on me. *smirk* I was going to show it in the normal fashion, but I really was not happy with my picturs, hung on my vertical stand, in my studio. So, I hope it will be nice weather tomorrow, so that I can take some "normal" pictures.

And here is the full "teaser" pic. Maybe you can make out what it is, maybe not. At any rate, I did have lotza FUN with them...there are 3 and they are all differnt. I will be dabbling with some more paper pretties. I must go and make some dinner and also help my kiddies with some homework. Have a wonderful evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


To each of you...

Mom's our there, Happy Mother's Day! I hope that each of you are treated like a QUEEN, as all of you should be. Take some time for yourself and do something SPECIAL just for YOU!!

I woke up to breakfast in bed. How sweet was that? Although I told hubby and the girls, I can not eat that in bed *smirk* I woke up very, very stiff and my back hurt terribly. That is what cleaning for several hours will do for you, if you have a bad back and such (like me).

We went and helped at the church yesterday, at 8 a.m. We were among probably about 20 others. There were several things that needed to be done, from building shelves, cleaning, caulking, dusting, washing windows, straightening up, sweeping and the list goes on. We were there till almost 12:30 and we did get a lot accomplished.

After breakfast today, I received lots of goodies, cards and a marigold, planted by Ninny in school. I love it when teachers take the time to plan something special for the kiddies to make, to give to Mom on Mother's Day.....so very sweet!

I must go, we wanted to do something today....we had thought about going out for a bite to eat, but it will be so busy. Then we were going to go fishing, but is it quite chilly out....so, who knows where the day will go from here. Have a great day. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


~Magikal Mimi~

And here she is!! I have her listed on ebay for 5 days and will end on Tuesday evening. Mimi is a bit funky and I had fun making her. I have started Mimi low, without a reserve.

I had fun on Monday and Tuesday at the workshop, with my sister Tammy. We had a lot of laughs (laughed so hard, my eyes were tearing up). We got LOTS of GOODIES from the workshop. We had lots of good eats....it felt like Christmas with all the goodies and good food!! I have yet to play with my goodies, just no time lately and too much day dreaming! Yup, still doing that. *smirk* We did get to do several make and takes as well...so much FUN!!

Well, it has been a long day. I am tired (long week so far), so I am hitting the hay. I hope ya'all had a great day. Toodles for now. ~Tonya


~Sneak Peek~

This one is for you Heidi! *smirk* I took pictures and am not really happy with them. So, if time allows, I will be taking new ones later today?? I have a busy day today and tomorrow...so I don't know if that is possible. And then I am leaving first thing Monday morning for a Scrapbook wing-ding for shop owners and their employees and will not be back until late Tuesday evening. That should be a rockin' good time! I wanted to list her on ebay, for Tuesday...just don't know if that will happen.

So, this is all you get for now. She is sweet....but has a bit of a mischievous side! She is the first in my ~Magikal Merriments Collection~ A Collection that promises to be FUN, FUNKY, Imaginative and always very different! Shaking things up a bit and going outside my comfort zone.

I must go. I have to go to my sister's store for a make N take, for the kiddies.....for National Scrapbooking Day! Toodles for now. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek. ~Tonya