A few New Harvest Handmades...

I thought I would share with you, a couple of ~Harvest Handmades~ that my son and I made, together. Sewing takes him so long and he does get nervous, so he asked if I would do the machine sewing, so I did. I could not say no, to those baby blue's ;)

I know he said he was not going to make anymore handmades, he said they are to hard and too time consuming. I had to pick on him, because to make/save money, he always resorts back to making handmades. He said there is no other way he can make money, because we live in the country. HA! I chuckled at that one.

This Owl & Olde Crow/Raven are on Ebay (seperate auctions) until Sunday evening. He is saving up for an iPOD this time. He is a "saver", when he wants something and has his eye on the prize...
I think Jordan did a very nice job on these and I for one, am very PROUD of him! I for one, would love to have them in my home! He does such nice work and when we create together, well we get some Mother/son bonding in....so that is all the better! I hope he continues to create, because he has so much talent, I would hate for it to just sit there idol. I am very supportive when kids want to create, becausee without IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY, where would all of us be?

I do hope that you will go and check out his auctions, on ebay. Remember, they end sunday evening. And if you feel so inclinded to bid, not to worry. I had a hand in them all the way and I am the one packaging them up. Have a great Saturday. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

love the owl and the raven! Yes, he did an awesome job. Each creature has a wonderful patina and I love how you created the dried fall leaves, ingenious!


kaniki's said...

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