Oh what FUN!!

SUMMER is OFFICIALLY here!! With that being said, at about 10 O'clock this morning, it was already almost 90 degrees. We have a HEAT ADVISORY Warning for today. We have such high humidity, when you factor the temp. and the humidity together, we will have a heat index of well over 100 degrees today. It is suppose to get even HOTTER as the day goes on!

Ya know the kind of weather, that when you go and take a nice, long shower and at the tail-end of it, you turn it nice and cool, so that when you get out, you think that you will feel much better and cooler, but then you soon realize that when you are getting dressed, you feel so hot and sticky, that you almost feel worse, then before you took a shower....YUP, that is the type of HOT/HUMID weather that we are talking about. The type of HOT, that yesterday if you moved, you would sweat! YUCK!

We didn't have the A/C window units put in yet, well yesterday Jordan and I put them in! Hubby works the overnights again and he said he would put them in, when he got home in the morning....I told him on the phone, we can not wait....Jordan and I will put them in! WE DID!! I could not wait any longer yesterday...it was sooooo HOT.

I was a CRABBY-PANTS to say the least. I don't care for the heat in the summers and when it is so humid, well it is even worse. So, we got the A/C window units in and hubby got home and turned the fan on, in the furnace and well, the window units (2 of them) keep our whole house cool! Not to bad, when you don't have a central air unit. It feels as if we do!! Sounds crazy, but I will take it!! Sure beats complaining and sweating all day long with a throbbing headache---as I did yesterday!

We have had some pretty severe weather going on around here. On Sunday evening we had several funnel clouds around and caused panic....along with rain and some storming. On Wednesday of last week, a tornado touched down about 15 min. from us!! We did take shelter, in the basement...just the girls and I. They were pretty scared. The tornado took out two business, knocked down a barn and also took out a bunch of trees, along the way. Mother Nature's fury...she has so much beauty and then there is darkness, in the lurking shadows.

Enough rambling today! My Mom took both my girls until Thursday...now maybe, just maybe I can finish the Americana dollie I have been trying to work on for over 2 weeks. Have a great day, stay cool! Toodles, ~Tonya

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Jenny Carter said...

We have had thunder storms almost every afternoon for weeks now. Tornadoes too! It is nice here. Getting hotter by the day, but not in the 90's yet!

I have been busy with school. Been hard to visit my usual blogs. Oh well, I gotta do what I gotta do, right?

I hope you are doing well!