~Firecracker Sally~

I finally finished Firecracker Sally! I have been working on Sally for well over 2 weeks...here and there, that is. I had her laying in parts and well, I worked on her last night until 3 am and then started on her again this early afternoon and I was able to get her all finished up!

She is so very sweet and I did put my hand in this picture on purpose....because she is a very small dollie and with pictures on a computer, at times it is hard to really know what size they are. I love her lil firecrackers. I had fun making them. Firecracker Sally will be on ebay this evening and will end on Monday evening...

I have FUN with all of her little details...I always do! I hope you all have a grand day. I have some peace and quiet for a while....my Mom has my girls until tomorrow mid-day. I needed a bit of a break and just think, SUMMER has only just begun! Ta-ta for now kiddies! ~Tonya

If you happen to be looking for a PSP "LOT" for a decent price...my son has this listed on ebay, under my user name. Well, I actually had to list it and it took FOREVER!! Click the pic to go to the auction. He does have a reserve of $90.00. I feel that is a very fair price. I of course will get to pack it up...the joys of being a Mom *smirk* Have a good one!


DellaRae said...

I love Firecracker Sally. I went to town today to buy material to make a skirt for a 4th of July doll. I never seem to get them done ahead of time. I am starting her tonight!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


What a little cutie pie she is !

Love the red dress and her face is so pretty !

Stay cool and I hope your bad storms are over with..


Deb @ Crows on the Cupola said...

Wow.. she is awesome! I just love the fabrics and trims you used. You did a super job on her. Now will you be selling a pattern for her? Thanks for sharing!!

Cris said...

Oh I love her! She is so cute!! Americana stuff is so neat~

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a cute dollie! I love her!!

Denni said...

OMG!! I love her!!! I want to bid but someone hacked into my paypal and my account is in security mode??? I'm trying to get it fixed. I've decided people need to get a job instead of stealing other people's money.~lol. I love her though!! Do you do special orders??

Benedetta said...

She is gorgeous!!

Tammy said...

Oh she is sooo sweet! I am happy to see you found some time to have Peace!!!
Hugs~ Tammy

Jenny Carter said...

I LOVE HER! He dress, her cute face, that hat. UH OH!

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Awww Tonya she is so darn cute that dress those shoes every little detail love it !! my favorite americana. I am drooling here looking at the pic's but then when don't I when I see your adorable creations :)By the way my bunny found the perfect little spot where I can see it every morning ,always brings a smile and reminds me to spray that yummy room spray makes the house smells so good:)

It's nice to have those little breaks now and then I hope it was a relaxing one:) Have a good week-end sweetie.


Old World Primitives said...

Sally is so sweet! I just love all of the detail that you put into her.


Jenny Carter said...

Thanks for your comments and your donation. Yes, just food alone for costs me over $300 a month. I have 8 to 10 feral (well I think some are or were someones pet) and plus I have 4 kittens coming up that will need fixed. I normally do pretty good, but this time, no so much. Your chances of winning are gonna be better...heehee.

On another note, I really hope I win Sally, she is so precious!!!