Good Luck Mom...

My Mom is having a new hip put in today. I hope all goes well. She had her left hip replaced a few years ago. It didn't stop her too much. She healed quickly, she was determained and she is a "Trooper"! She is quite young to have a hip replacement and now, this being her second one.

With it being her right hip, it may keep her down a bit longer, as she needs to be able to maneuver those pedals for driving. She is a bit young for a hip replacement, let alone this being her second one. I wish you much luck Mom and here's to a SPEEDY recovery!

I created that new Snowfolk over the last couple of days and I am done! YAY! I am going to be listing him tonight and to end on Sunday. My Autumn dollie, I listed her for 7 days and I just feel that is too long...who likes to wait any how. *smirk* I think he looks so sweet....innocent.

He holds 3 mittens in his hands, spelling out J - O - Y One letter, pinned onto each mitten. To see the rest of him, you will have to check ebay out this evening. It sure feels like Wynter here this morning! When I was taking pictures, I was freezing my little fingers off. Oh the JOYS of Wynter!

Well, I have many things to do today. It has gotten a bit crisp around here and is feeling so much like fall. I bought myself a new Yankee Candle the other day, it is ~Frosted Pumpkin~ scent. It sure sets the mood for Autumn around here. I hope you all have a great day.
Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Annie said...

Best of luck to a speedy recovery for MOM...I will add her to my list of prayers!!

I love love love the snowman...how stinkin cute is he...

Its freezing here to..I hate winter..I hate heat..lordy I am unpleaseable..
Have a good day T...Annie

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Tonya,

I love your new creation as usual you are amazing!! I'll be praying for your mom.


lovetheprimlook said...

Tonya, well wishes to your mother :)Another amazing doll, what a talent you have !!!