~Americana Snow Girl Dollie~

Merry Winter to each of you! The time sure gets away from us. Each year I say...I am going to shop in advance and get all of my things done early. Well, I did start shopping earlier than normal, but I still let some things that I needed linger until Friday. An yes, I did go to Wal-Mart yesterday for "normal" things that I needed around the house...boy-oh-boy! I had to actually wait for a cart! Yup! every single cart was being used or outside. Mind you, I live in a large city and it's normally always busy, but the parking lot was almost completely full as well. Let's just say....I could not wait to get out of there! I was so glad that I didn't have to try to "think" about what present to buy for what person on my list!

Even though I work full-time and have plenty of things to do...ALWAYS...I do make time to create. I do this partially for me, because it does take me to a happy place. My heart was aching for it and to create, well, it makes me HAPPY! Americana took me over two weeks to complete, but she is just the sweetest in person.

Americana is listed in my ETSY SHOPPE. She was fun to make....but I tell ya, I am a bit "rusty" at some of the techniques that I thought would be forever embedded in my head because I used to create every-single-day.  I used to create so much, that I did honestly take it for granted. Not creating for over two years makes me appreciate being able to create now, even more. Some will not understand that statement and others will understand it completely...

Americana has such an innocence about her. Christmas is just around the corner and I am ready, however, I have not made any cookies with my girls yet (and don't know if we will). As some of you know (and some may not know), I am still in the middle of a divorce and my girls went to their dad's house this weekend. This would have normally been our annual "Cookie Baking Weekend" at grandma's house! So much for that. Makes me sad. No, I have not baked any cookies without them. My heart just isn't into that. Enjoy your Christmas and make some Happy Memories with your families...I know I will. Blessings to each of you. ~Tonya


Diane said...

Hi Tonya,
It's been awhile since I been by your blog. You look great and sound like your doing well.
Have a very Merry Christmas and blessings for a wonderful New Year!


suz said...

Americana is very sweet. So sorry to hear about your family - from experience, I will tell you, it will all work out, you'll just have to plan some traditions differently. The one thing I'd seriously suggest - never let your girls know you are angry with their dad or blame him for screwing up weekends like this. It does all work out in the wash - really. My son was 2 when his dad and I divorced (he's 32 now). Eventually his relationship with his dad became strained - because his dad is a schmuck (he's now in marriage 5 - apparently he's going to keep doing this until he gets it right! :0)). A few years ago, my son wrote to his dad and told him how he felt about him. One thing he told him was that it hurt him and made him angry when his dad said mean things about me ... and that I had never done that - had never said mean things about his dad or his stepmother - even when I probably had a good reason to. I spent a number of Christmas Eves and Days alone because his dad's family lived 500 miles away - so we made new traditions that are now just part of the way things are. The nice thing is that his soon-to-be fiance's family lives near where my ex-inlaws lived(!) and I am now ready for those Christmas Days when I'll be alone - I already have plans. Just love your girls and give them your support - everything else works out. Best of luck and have a wonderful Christmas.