~Scary Mary Halloween Doll~

***FINALLY*** a NEW Halloween Dollie! I should just say a NEW dollie in general. I think I have only made one other dollie this year and that was a dollie with bunny ears. This is my first Halloween dollie. Halloween is just around the corner. I have listed her in my Etsy Shoppe, but if she does not sell by Tuesday, I may move her to Ebay, we shall see...

Her name is Scary Mary, but she really does have a sweet side to her. She has tons of detail. I really enjoyed creating her. I have missed creating. I was so busy with my summer college courses and children, that I didn't have any time until now for creating. I do hope that you will stop by my Etsy Shoppe to take a peek at her. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Tonya


Oh, how they grow!!!

Since I have not posted to my blog for so long, some of you may think that I have fallen off the face of the earth. Jordan, my oldest, has turned 16! He turned 16 on August 2. I made his favorite for his birthday cake, homemade strawberry shortcake, from scratch and real whipped cream. YUM!!

Look at the height on him! He is about 6'2" now and I feel like a midget compared to him. I am only about 5'7". Wow, I feel short compared to him. Jordan was staying with my sister for almost a whole month. He was working for Pioneer in the fields. I missed him! I couldn't stay away thou, I did go and visit.

Then there was Courtney's birthday! She turned 14 on August 4. My middle child, she is growing up to be quite the young lady.

And last but not least, my Ninny (Sydney) my youngest. She will be 10 next month. This picture was taken on my birthday (August 9) and I am now officially 38 years young. I sure don't feel 38. When people get older, they say "Another year older and another year wiser." This year, I can honestly say that is true!!

The day after my birthday, I took my kids and my nephew, to Valleyfair amusement park. We had a BLAST! This is Jordan, Sydney, and Cody on Thunder Canyon. Courtney and I didn't want to get wet just yet. I loved all the rides, I always do! Yup, you can't keep me off the rides, especially the roller coasters. The faster and taller, all the more fun! I will ride on rides that some of my kids won't. LOL See, still a kid at heart ♥

And then on August 12, my son got his license! I can honestly say I am a bit worried about him being on the road, but I am mom, and that is my job! He is a good driver. This is Jordan in his new set of wheels. He got a new paint job on his truck, along with rhino on the bottom. Looks pretty sharp; if I do say so myself!

Funny boy, he said he was going to wait to get it painted until after he got home from working in the fields...good thing mom is always a quick thinker and on her toes! He said, "Mom, I am so glad I got it painted before I got my license, there is no way I could wait to have it painted while I have my license."

I finished my Biology class early, so that I could enjoy what little there is left of summer, with my children. We also went and visited my mom (grandma to my kids) today. It was beautiful day and we had a very nice visit. What more could I ask for? Time just goes by too quickly.

FYI - Those same two dollies are still on my studio table. I must get to working on them. Maybe sometime this week....I have a little down time where I may be able to play! Knock on wood! I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer. Cheers to you! ~Tonya