Autumn does not technically start for a few days, but here in MN, Autumn is all around us already. The leaves are turning, the temperature has been quite chilly and night-fall arrives so much earlier, then in the previous weeks before...

This is ~Sweet Autumn~ with her Autumn Bounty. I am so happy with the end result of this sweet lil gal. She makes me smile, every time I look at her...

Sweet Autumn is listed on ETSY and is full of detailed sweetness! Friday I didn't have school, so I did find time to create and was able to work in my studio! I do enjoy school and learning, but am still very happy to be able to find time here-and-there to create.

I do hope that you enjoy your Sunday. It is a perfect autumn day today. Have a Blessed Day.


There was a man...

There was a man on a corner today. Standing with cardboard in hand, two bags on the ground and whom appeared to be homeless. The sign said something very similar to this...



He was unshaven, he looked very sad, yet held his head with pride. My heart swelled with sadness, knowing that there are people that are living a life they had never planned for. People that have fallen into hard times and don't know how to pick themselves back up.

As I approached the busy corner, yes I was curious. I drove up slow to the red-light, so I could read the sign he was holding. I was turning right, so I could stop and then go, if the road was clear. As I approached this man, I was frantically digging in my pockets, I knew I had some money in my pocket and in the first pocket -- no money...

I quickly put my hand in my other pocket and yes! I had found a few bucks. I slowly turned slightly around the corner and pulled to the side a bit. I rolled down my passenger window and yelled out sir, he didn't hear me. Again, I said sir, as I was reaching out my hand and he reached into my van to take the money from my hand. He touched my hand, as he took the money. I told him; it is only a couple dollars, it is all I had in my pocket; he said God Bless You. It almost brought me to tears, knowing that just a few dollars could make a difference to him.

You are probably thinking, why is she telling this story? Well, because each of us need to open up our minds, our hearts and be Thankful for what we do have and not worry about the things we do not have. I told my son this story and started the story like this....There was a Homeless man and he said, how do you know he was homeless? He said, he could have been a person just trying to scam you for money. Perhaps he was a person that didn't want to work and was just asking for a hand-out, I don't know. I just followed my heart and thought he could use a few bucks. I have done this many times and I would like to think in some small way; that I made a difference..

My thoughts are this; we see what we want to see.

Who you are determines what you see.
Who you are determines how you see others.
The way people see others is a reflection of themselves.
If I am trusting, I will see others as trusting.
If I am critical, I will see others as critical.
If I am a caring person, I will see others as compassionate.

"You teach people how to treat you."
--Phil McGraw


~Miss Hannah Hare~

Meet Miss Hannah Hare! I found some time in between going to school and holding down the fort at home. Miss Hannah has the sweetest face and is full of detail...

Miss Hannah hare is full of color and reminds me of that saying "Color ME HAPPY!" So I just had to make a banner that reads "HAPPY". The happy banner is removable...

I have Miss Hannah Hare listed on Etsy. I do hope that you will stop by and take a peek. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Be safe! Cheers, ~Tonya


I was looking for a picture that "fit" my thoughts for this week and came up with this picture. I "borrowed" it from here. I love this picture! I think the "word-age" on this picture is so very true. In the past 3 to 6 months, I have become a more positive person and feel that if you think positive; truly great things will start to change and happen.

In one of my classes, my teacher spoke about negativity in the work place and how others around a negative person, can really be influenced by it. So very true! I feel that positivity should "spill" into your personal and home life as well. If you think positive, you feel better, think clearer and so many things around you start to change. I swear, it is contagious! I enjoy school and I look forward to it each day. Sounds crazy, I am sure.

For the past 4 years, I lived a very sheltered life. I worked at home and about the only reason I would leave my house was to run my children around, go grocery/supply shopping and that was about it. I am in the real world now; every day and did not realize how much I have missed.

I have been creating (a little bit) and I am almost done with a bunny rabbit dollie. I want her theme to be called "Color ME Happy", but am not sure? She is so colorful and just so very sweet! If all goes well, I will have her done today or tomorrow. I will then take pictures and get her listed. Have a wonderful Friday! Today, is a bit cold and windy...it sure is crazy what a difference a day makes. Toodles, ~Tonya