I know who I am...

I thought I would write a post and update those of you that still keep in touch and wonder how I am. I have been through quite a bit since the last post and I am still treading water and not very certain of the future and what the future may hold for me.  I am still smack dab in the middle of the "divorce" or lack there of....still waiting and wondering.

I know I am where I am at because at this time in my life this is right where I am supposed to be. At times I wonder how I got here....and yet, but don't we all wonder that at times?  Time seems to have a way of standing still and yet somehow it changes or doesn't it?  They say, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."  I feel I have changed for the better and I have grown as an individual, as a mother, as a daughter, and as a friend.

My Views in Life are Simple...

Give - but don't expect in return.

Love -but don't hold too tight.

Teach - because children learn what they live.

Cherish - appreciate all the little things in life.

Dream - but don't live with your head in the clouds.

Hope - for we all must believe in something.

Desire - but appreciate what you have.

Faith - is believing is what is true.

Kindness - we all must be sympathetic and understanding.

I know who I am and everything I stand for. I have self-worth. I have made sacrifices. I have given and still continue too. I have lost. I have fought. I have stumbled. I am strong. I am determined. I love. I cherish. I dream. I hope. I have faith. I desire. I love and I won't give up! Do you know who you are? Do you know how far you have come? Do you know where you are going? I am a strong believer in, "If you see it, you can achieve it!".....if  you believe.

Each of us are fighting our very own battle. Be kind. Be understanding. Be supportive. Listen. Be brave and be who you are meant to be and everything else will fall in to place! I am, who I am because of what I have been through. I will continue to give, to love, to teach, to cherish, to dream, to hope, to desire, to have faith and to be kind. I won't give up! I must always, always, always remember to put one foot in front of the other.