~Halloween Goodies~

This Wee-Witch is name ~Willow~ she is the Oldest & the Wisest of Witche's. She is so very sweet in person and much more muted. She is attached to a square candle stick base that I have painted and aged. Willow had a dear friend that she tote's with her, where ever she goes...his name is Whoot....

Here is all of my handmades, that I am going to offerning on TDIPT, this evening. Each sold separately, but I thought I they all looked so very nice together....

I used the chunky ric rac and hand stitched it in place, on Willow's dress. Under her dress, shimmer netting, for flounce. The Moon on her dress is handstiched to wool felt, a pin on the back and vintage seam binding finish it off. The Moon is removeable, if you choose...

The Halloween banner is made of wool felt, all hand stitched, glittered and backed onto grosgrain ribbon. Lots of hand stitching on these banners...Round rings in the back, for easy hanging...

The scalloped ovals are almost 2.5 inches tall. I finished each end off with a woolen circle, vintage style tinsel garland and a rusty bell...

Spooky banner is almost 17 inches tall. Made in the same way as the Halloween banner...

A close up of the banner. Well, that is it folks. I worked outside all day yesterday and am feeling it today! It was such a COOL day out yesterday, I had to take advantage of it and be outside. I love being out, when the temps are a bit cooler, without the nasty humidity.

It has been getting pretty cold here at night, already. Soon my kiddies will go back to school (on the 8th) and I will hopefully get to gear things up, for the up and coming holidays. Take care and have a BEAUTIFUL day. My lawn is calling my name. *smirk* and don't forget, these handmades will be listed on TDIPT this evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


Our 15th Year Anniversary...

Time sure does fly! It has been 15 years since the day I said "I do". When I think back to that day, I sure seemed so very young and I had my whole future ahead of me....and now, I still feel young (most days) but time seems to be slipping away. Darrel and I have been through so very much and still, here we are! Yes, the same picture from last year's anniversary...I think I am too lazy to scan a different one from out photo album...

I wrote a sentiment to Darrel today, on the card I made him and it said something to the effect...we had to go through everything we have, to get to this very moment today. I feel that is so very true. Change one little thing and so many things could be so very different. We have been together for so long, that we have actually "grown-up" up together...when we started this journey together in the beginning, I was only 12 and he was 14, so I meant that quite literally.

Sadly, we could not be together today...he works the overnights now, so I was sleeping when he went to bed and I woke up, when he was sleeping and then I went to my Mom's to help set-up for her garage sale. We did exchange cards and sweet words on the cards....and spoke on the phone. It seems as you grow older, some things just do not work out, as you would like. But that is part of having a family, an understanding relationship/marriage and just knowing that you love each other in your hearts. Now I am home and he has left for work. We will do something together tomorrow or this weekend.

Now, I must get to work...tick tock, the time does not stop and TDIPT Mercantile will be updating before to long. I have some sweet dollies calling my name. *smirk* Have a wonderful evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


Ending Sunday...

I still currently have 3 handmades listed on ebay and then end tomorrow evening. I hope you will take the time to stop by and take a peek...they are so very unique, each in their own way.
Have a wonderful Saturday. Toodles, ~Tonya


Pretty Toes!

Today my sister Kim, took me to get a pedicure for my birthday! She also took me and the kids to The Olive Garden...boy, I felt pampered! Here I am 36 and had never had a pedicure (or a manicure for that matter) and I finally got one today! Ya, I use to think it was for old people, when I was younger (and didn't have a clue) and now figured out, it is to have your feet look pretty and all that jazz...
Here are both of my feet....who would have ever thought I would be showing you my feet, on my blog? Craziness I tell ya! *smirk* Oh well, just letting ya know what was going on in my life. Courtney also received a pedicure and loved it! Sydney got her nails and toes painted pretty with flowers and gems on them.

On my toes, there are little flowers, fancy lines and pretty little gems for sparkle! Every girl must have a little sparkle.

I had a fun day today and it doesn't end there....after getting a pedicure and taking us out to eat at The Olive Gardens, Kim took my kiddies until Sunday!! Yeee Haaaaw!!! I needed a bit of a break, things are getting a bit hairy being the tail-end of summer. Too bad hubby has to work all weekend. The kids alway have fun with Aunt Kimmy (as the girls call her) and she always spoils them! Thank you for nice day Kim, I had FUN!

I think I may get to work on some things tonight...ummmm earlier then starting at 10 pm too. Knock on wood! I hope ya all had a great day. Today started out cold and wet, but ended up being a pretty nice day. Ta-ta for now, ~Tonya


Halloween Mice...

This is what I have been working on for quite some time. Fun Halloween mice! No, not the best pictures...I took them indoors, during the night and without any nice background, so what do I expect, right? *smirk* I think in person, they are so very sweet and I love them to pieces!! I wanted to take some nice pictures today, but it has been doom and gloom (raining, down-pouring and so darn gloomy), so I take what I can get! Yesterday was the same...
These lil punkin pockets are just so sweet and a the orange is a bit darker in person. All the mice, including the large one is made of wool felt...included the wee-little punkin pocket, the big one holds. The punkin pockets remind me of the pumpkins, from yester-year. The faces are made of wool felt, all hand stitched in place. The set of 3, will be sold together...

I hope to get some "real" pictures of these and get them listed on ebay or something, in the next couple of days. Tomorrow, does not look much better, weather-wise. If you are interested in any of these lil guys or have any questions, you sure can shoot me an email dandtturvold@deskmedia.com

I must go....I am going to get to work! I hope you all had a great week and just think, tomorrow is already FRIDAY!! Boy the time sure is flying by. Toodles, ~Tonya



After a long weekend, lots of running, late hours and also worrying about Kali....calling vet clinics, radio stations, humane societies, placing ads in papers/shoppers....WE GOT LUCKY!! She was gone for almost a full week!! Although we did receive some calls from the ads we place...when we returned from camping, we found nothing, when we went out looking and calling for Kali.

We did speak with a very nice gal that lived in a small small town, about 8 miles from here. She said Kali was in their area for about 4 days. She played with the kids, went swimming, ate good and slept in the garage. We were happy to hear that. Courtney and I were out looking for her for over an hour, came home, told hubby and then he went out. While he was out, we received a phone call on my cell. There was a very nice gentleman on the phone and said he thinks he had our dog.....all THANKS to the Humane Society!
He had her since Thursday evening. He picked her up about 10 miles away from here and took her to home. He called the Humane Society and he said, if there was no response from the call he made...meaning if noone had called in a LOST dog, he said he was going to keep her. He said she is a very nice dog...I am so Thankful for him and taking care of her. ***Notice on the upper picture I put her TAG BACK ON AGAIN! I hope is stays there this time.

Thank you so much to all of you for your kind words, your prayers and your comments. They were all so appreciated!! We are just so HAPPY to have her HOME! and is Coco! He did not eat, the whole time she was gone...

So, we got through the long weekend of busy-ness and yesterday, while just starting out to the visitation and funeral, I was driving down my gravel road and all of a sudden I heard some crackle noise. I looked back and the passanger slider door (I have a Chrysler Town & Country van) it was cracked into about a million pieces!! I said, What the hell!! I was in shock. I called hubby, whom was at his second job and said he would come home to help...because I needed to get the glass knocked out and plastic and duct tape put on.

I had a bit over an hour to drive and on the Interstate. I told him, Jordan and I would get it done, to just stay put. So, we did get it all done.....but the only duct tape we had was colored!!! BRIGHT YELLOW and BRIGHT BLUE! I felt like a gomer driving it. I put criss-crosses up and down so that the pressure of driving down the Interstate would be lessened with the tape, so that the plastic would not get ripped off. It was a site, you should have seen it. Yes, I had to use both...I ran out of one and had to use the other! I did a nice job of taping, but driving that in the line up for the funeral and out to the graveside.....*sigh* It stayed on nicely and I bet it would be a daunting task to take it off...

We didn't make it to the wake/visitation, but we made it to the funeral just as it was starting. So, I have had enough going on lately to last me a month! The mobile glass unit is fixing my window, as I type this...Thank Goodness for 100% glass coverage and that I opted to pay for that on my insurance! Now we are off to get Courtney her shots to go into 7th grade, in just a bit over hour.

Tonight, I want to work on some handmades....I have not done that for quite a while! Today is a picture perfect day. I hope you are all having a beautiful day. Toodles for now...so sorry for the long post, but it has been a while. Toodles, ~Tonya


Went Missing...

This is a picture of my Ninny and Kali. Kali went missing on Monday, Aug. 10th and we can not find her. We have driven all over and have asked people in the area. I have called all the vets, the local dog pound/humane society, stopped down to the shelter and had it listed on the radio and party line. We miss her terribly and it is so hard to deal with two little girls that are ao very sad and keep crying...I miss her. I always called her "pretty girl".

No, she did not have her dog tags on! They kept falling off. I am so mad at myself for not putting them back on yet........ONCE AGAIN! The ring somehow gets stretched and the tag falls off. So now I have contacted our local newspaper, to try to get an add placed. I don't know if it will help, but I have to try. I will most likely make some flyers too. The worse part about this, is the not knowing.

If she is at someone's house and they adore her (since she is a very friendly and sweet dog) then I am happy. If they want to call her their own, love her, feed her, shelter her.....then I am happy...but it is the not knowing. We miss her so much.

On another sad note, my sister's Mother in Law passed away today. Just a few short months ago, she was told she had cancer. Nothing helped and she lost the battle today. She is in God's hands now and no longer in pain. She was a very sweet women and will be sadly missed.

We all take so very much for granted and think we all have years and years to live and so forth.....tis not true. Do not take one single breath, one single day, one single minute for granted.

This weekend I have a wedding to go to. My niece, is getting married on saturday (hubby's side) and we are also camping.....me, most likely will be going home at night. I can not be around all the campfire smoke and my bad back does not like camper beds. So, I was thinking about this....I will be going to a wedding and a funeral all in less then a week. All the emotions that will be.

It has been a very long week and it is only Thursday, I must go and get some things done around here. I hope tomorrow will be better and I pray that Kali comes home. Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Another year has passed me by...

and yet, somehow I do not feel like Celebrating. Yes, I am talking about my birthday. Each year I normally write a post about the year that has gone by and about growing a year older and maybe a year wiser. I also tend to talk about reflections, memories and the wild ride of life, the journey that I have taken or not taken. Somehow I always manage to pick a picture with water, nature or both in it, for this post and this year, is not any different.

This time I am thinking about the "rippling effect". The impact and for every action, there is a reaction. That one little look, one little word, that one thing, that can change everything. It may be a choice, a conversation, an unspoken word, or any other issue going on, in one's life (yes, mine for most of them) and they can start out so very small and take on a "life" of their own, causing a "ripple effect" and before you know it, you don't know how you got to where you are.

Just my random thoughts for today...for what they are. Blessings, ~Tonya



I have a little "treat" for you to look at....I have been playing and had so much FUN making this sweet lil altered art BINGO card. The card is vintage and I have been told not easily found anymore. I was lucky to stummble across some at a very old antique shop a couple of months ago.

I have this altered art piece listed on my "Sales Blog", if you are interested. It is my first truly altered art piece...

Other then Birthday Parties, a family grill out on hubby's side and I was at my sister's store all day today, not much else going on....I think that is quite enough. I am headed for a slow down, after this weekend. I hope you are having a wonderful week, thus far. Blessings, ~Tonya



And the Celebrating continues! Courtney turned the BIG 12 today, HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!! A pre-teen and well, now we will get to endure a little more "drama" *smirk* Time has flown by and my Little Miss Courtney is now a year older...
This was the beginning of the year, at school...this year she will be in middle-school. Courtney is a bit scare, but excited as well. Courtney was a "perfect" baby during the day and at night, she was a holy terror. She hated to sleep. Now, she loves to hear the stories of everything she put us through and chuckles about it....the little TURKEY!
She looks a bit more mature in this picture, taken today. She picked out her cake for us today and of course, a Hershey chocolate pie...YUM! It is one of her favorite's. She opened presents, we sang to her and she blew out the candles....shortly after, we all played Boggle. Later on in the day, she said I had a nice day today Mom....but you know what my favorite part was? When we all played Boggle. I told her, I was glad and that in life, most of the time...it is the little things that really matter the most...
This was Courtney reading her card. She loved the card I made her and even loved the envelope. I enjoy making cards really special, when I have the time. I was up until 3 am again last night....but this time making a card and wrapping presents. That will teach me to plan ahead. HA! I am one that never learns with things like that....always have to do things the most difficult way. A creature of habit mind you.

Well, I have lots to do......ALWAYS! I hope you all had a beautiful day.....it was PERFECT here. We could not have asked for a better day to Celebrate. Well, we get a bit of a break from birthdays...just for a wee-bit, Sunday is my Birthday. Another year older.....maybe just another year wiser. HA! Ta-ta for now, ~Tonya



Happy 14th Birthday to Jordan today! My how he has grown. Today, I was thinking back 14 years ago....when I went in to the hospital, in the wee hours in the morning....scared to death (of the unexpected) to be induced. I already knew he was a boy, from a very vivid, life-like dream I had. I even seen them weighing him in my dream and seen them hold him upside down. It was so weird and I was dead-on about his weight and that he was a BOY. Kind of scary....
Jordan has grown by "leaps and bounds" this summer and is taller then I ever thought he would be. He is a "typical" teenager...but he still surprises me all the time. It is the little things he will do or little smirks I get from him. He is a good person...he loves to razz his sisters, but he does have a very soft heart and can easily be hurt...

I made Jordan a birthday card and wrote some sentimental things inside (just a bit) and this was him reading it out loud. It said something to the effect that he has grown into a young man, in front of our very eyes....He said Mom, I want you to keep this card for me, for when I grow up. Ahhhh, isn't that so sweet. I said put it in your keepsake box---- he said it is full.

You can tell here, that Jordan is still very much a "kid at heart". He had to put lit candles, in his ice cream cake, WHILE EATING IT! He is so silly. Yesterday I made cake for both Jordan and Courtney, they were so yummy. On each of their birthday's we do buy something special for us to have, here at home for their birthdays....and then another day of celebrating! We can't let their special days go by without it. We also save the presents from us, so they have it on their birthdays.

We had a great day at the park yesterday and today, Dad and Jordan are fishing. One of Jordan's most favorite past times. It is a beautful day here, a bit windy.....but still beautiful. Happy Birthday to you, Jordan. I hope all of your BIRTHDAY WISHES COME TRUE! Love you, Mom.



It is August 1st and you know what that means....TDIPT Mercantile has updated! You will have to stop by and see all the wonderful offerings to be had! Hurry on over to get the best selection, they won't last long. I hope you have a wonderful day. Toodles, ~Tonya