I posted it a couple of posts ago...but it was among my other "ramblings", so I thought I would make it BOLD to be sure ya'all seen it. I am having a custom banner giveaway!

I will make you a custom banner to use on your blog or where ever you choose. It is so much fun making banners and I thought it would be FUN to make one for one of you.

All you have to do is a leave a comment on this post. If you are not "hooked-up" in blog land and want to enter in to win, just email me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com and just ask me to add your name into the banner giveaway. It is that simple.

I will be accepting your comments until Sunday, March 9th. If you do not sell on the internet and do not need a banner, not to worry...I will be having another giveaway in April for a basket....in time to arrive for May Day. Be sure to keep checking back, to make sure you do not miss the accouncement for the ~May Day~ basket giveaway.

This is my offering for TDIPT Mercantile for March. She already sold to one of my very good customers. She is so sweet in person. I must make myself one of my Bunny Rabbit dollies.

I have a really neat and different idea for a dollie. I must finish my swap basket for one of my TDIPT sisters. This will be so much fun. I have been working on her basket and am almost done. Have yourself a great day. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Two NEW Listings for eBay...

I have 2 Dollies on ebay at the moment and then both end on Sunday evening. One is an ~Angel in Waiting~ Beatrice Bunny. She is so very sweet. She features my NEW glass eyes, split style dress, removeable feather wings and a little birdie nest with 3 little eggs. She is just one of them dollies that has "touched my heart".

The second little dollie is ~Americana Airanna~ She is really small for me. But, just because she is small, does not mean she lacks on the detail that I tend to put into all of my dollies. She has everything the big dollies have. I have given her drab green glass eyes...so very neat!

You can't tell I like the glass eyes, can you? *smirk* I love them. In person, they almost follow you. This little gal is around 13 to 14 inches tall, not including her cone hat....that is what makes her so adorable, her size. You can practically put her any where.

Well, I am feeling much better today....Knock on wood. I don't tend to let much get me down, I can't...I am a MOM (Super-Women) ya right! I feel like I have to be thou. When Mom's get sick, they still have to be like the energizer bunny and that is not fair. Well my dears, I must go...I have lots to do and tuck my girls in bed. You have a good night. Toodles, ~Tonya


Playing again...

I have been at it again! I updated my website with NEW GRAPHICS. This is the main banner. I made NEW buttons and everything. I figured, if I know how to make graphics, I might as well make some updated ones for my website I could not focus on handmades, because I have been sick. I am fighting bronchitis. First time in a long time. I am an asthmatic, so I am more prone to it. I have gotten it more times in my life, then I would ever care too!
I am happy with the way my website looks, although it is a little bit "matchy matchy"...a bit too coordinating. It looks very professional thou and that is what I was going for.
I am giving away a customer banner. This is where you can sign up! I will post it again in a few days with a "NORMAL" header stating a CUSTOM BANNER GIVE-A-WAY! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I will be accepting comments until Sunday, March 9th. Now do remember, I am just learning graphics and I have much more to learn, but at any rate, it has been fun!

I know some of you that read my blog, do not have blogs or do anything on the internet except shop *smirk* and that is ok....I will be having a give-a-way, durning April, perhaps a MAY DAY BASKET! Remember May Day? When I was a kid, it was FUN! We would fill little paper cups up, make them all fancy and put little treats in them.....knock on or ring the door bell and run. Those were the good olde days.

Okay, I am off to finish my dollie for TDIPT Mercantile. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


TDIPT Birthday Bash!

TDIPT Mercantile is 1 year old March 1st. In CELEBRATING this milestone, we are having a BIRTHDAY BASH! To Thank all of you for making the Mercantile a huge success, all the artists on TDIPT have donated some wonderful prim pieces, as door prizes.

There will a Gift Certificate given away as well...to be used on the Mercantile. Be sure to stop by TDIPT Mercantile to see our Birthday Celebration!

~Olde Primitive Cupboard Hearts~ This is my door prize...Made of Moda fabric, aged to perfection and smelling wonderful. Each prim heart has a verse attached to them...attached with stained hemp and rusty pins/bells. The Hearts are each about 8 inches tall...

Tuck them into an Olde cupboard or wooden bowl for displaying the whole year through. Handmade by Me...with the help of a Kentucky Primitives pattern.


Sweet Emily Rose....

Meet ~Sweet Emily Rose~ She is my newest Dollie. She will be starting this evening on eBay. She will be listed for 5 Days...she will end on Monday evening. She is one of my favorite's...but I have been saying that an awful lot lately *smirk*

I have used real Antique tinsel cording on Emily Rose and also one of my very favorite Antique rhinestone buttons. I have two more Bunny dollies in the works. One is going to be an angel and the other one reminds me of Neapolitan Ice Cream. She is in Chocolates, Strawberry Pink & Creme....too cute!

I have given Sweet Emily Rose the NEW glass eyes I have been doing. I love them! In person...so much more neat, then in photos.

We went to Spiderwick Chronicles this weekend, a very neat movie....if you BELIEVE. My son has been sick and he went to the doctor today. The doctor was however a waste of time. He said let it run its course. For crying out loud. He coughs until he can't breath and/or he has tears running down his face. He was out of school on Tuesday and today....they didn't have school on Monday.

My brother's Birthday was yesterday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMEION!! My neice had a little baby girl on the 18th, CONGRATULATIONS RANI! Your little baby girl is so very sweet. And last, but not least...the cat outside my window...we have made PROGRESS!! Yay! I can finally pet him and he is loving the "human touch". He purrs and purrs. I still can not pick him up, but one thing at a time. I hope you all have a great week. Take Care of you! Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya



The shooting in Illinois has left yet more questions as to WHY? Why must people be so unstable and unhappy in the Life that they have been given and have to take innocent lives. Why then, must they take and turn the gun on themselves?

They never have to face the consequences, from their actions! This type of news is so disturbing, but we do want to know about it...yet more and more unstable/unhappy people see all of the publicity that tradgedies like this receive....and they want to be "famous" too....so they become a gunman as well. How very sad!

My Heart goes out to the families (every family) that has ever been touched by such tragedy. No one person should ever have to feel a void for someone else's senseless actions. May GOD give you the strength you need, to help you heal. The Heaven's now have Angels to watch over each of you....thou it does not make it any easier. Know that they are Forever in your Heart. Prayers & Blessings to each of you, ~Tonya


St. Valentine's Day...

Have a most Beautiful Valentine's Day. Spend it with the One that you LOVE & CHERISH.

Isn't this picture neat! I found this somewhere on the internet. It is an actual leaf. So unreal...it looks just like a heart hung on a twig. Natural beauty, it is all around us, we just have to look.

My hubby and I are going to Timberlodge Steak House. Wow, two days in a row, imagine that. I need to work. We do not do much together without the kiddies, so we thought today would be perfect. We will go while they are at school and we hope to be the rush...that normally happens in the evening, for Valentine's.

I do hope that you all have a most enjoyable day. Valentine Blessings to you, ~Tonya



I was soooo BOTHERED by my pictures of my little IRISH Dollie, that I had to take new ones. I like these much better. I switched them out in my photobucket and then snuck them into my listing. I turned some to Selenuim, because I didn't get the same exact picture and could not leave those jet red-haired pics up any longer! She is so beautiful in person. My Mom saw her today and she said your new eyes on your dollie, they look so real. They look like they are looking at you.

I took the new pictures outside (natural lighting is best). I froze my little fingers to the bone. No, I can not wear gloves when doing that. The gloves tend to get in the way. I am much more happier with my pictures now....except for the gallery picture. That is hosted by eBay and I can not change it. It will drive me batty, by the time the Auction is over, I guarantee it!!

I am a BONEHEAD!!! My Helena Bear & Honey-Bee go off tomorrow evening (Valentine's evening). Boy, I guess I didn't think that one out to well, did I??

Hubby is working very diligently at getting my headboard, side-rails and footboard done by tommorow. He said he wants to finish it for Valentine's Day. Isn't that so very sweet. I have to finish it thou (and that will not be until the beginning of March sometime, after deadlines).

I just recently purchased a new quilt, shams, skirt and throw pillow for our bed and I LOVE IT! We are going back to the "Simple" look of yester-year (room by room). Our room is going to be accented with primitively finished, solid wood, painted (distressed) and then hand rubbed black furniture.

We picked up some olde, antique doors (solid wood), with inlaid panels....the perfect length....five foot. He hand carved out (the good old-fashioned way) the olde 4 x 4's to accomodate the doors to go into the 4 x 4's. We are also finishing off the 4 x 4's with a decorative cap and then I will paint it and finish it for the perfect look. I can't wait. He is going to start making the pieces that we can not find...or afford. We have torn down old barns in the past and have gone to several auctions a few years ago. Those pieces are just calling our names. He is having fun with it and enjoying it. I am glad. We use to do a lot of wood working...after all he has a wood shop, so it does make perfect sense. The only difference is, he can do this, at his own leisure and enjoy it!

Boy, who stuck a quarter in me. LOL I best get moving. Dream about something Beautiful. Nighty Night, ~Tonya

Top of the Mornin' to Ya...

Meet Lucky Larlene O'Brien. She is currently on ebay if you would like to go and take a peek. She is listed until Sunday evening. She is so very sweet in person...her hair is showing a bit bright in the pictures, it is actually a very nice tone of alburn. Larlene, is Irish and it means Promise. She Promises to be "LUCKY". She is so full of IRISH Charm and has so much detail.

Somethimes on certain dollies, I get carried away with so much detail....this was one of them. Her dress reminds me of the fancy Irish dresses, from long ago. Her little shamrocks read, LUCKY! You can click here and it will take you to her, on ebay.

Today is my sisters Birthday....Happy Happy Birthday Kim! We are going out to lunch with her (my Mom and I). It should be fun, although short. She lives about an hour away, but works here in town. So that means we get to see her on her birthday.

Now I must start working on something for a giveaway for the Mercantile! Remember, it is our first Year Anniversary and we are CELEBRATING! Boy, that year flew by. Door Prizes, a certificate to be given away, along with free shipping on all items or most. I must shake a leg, I have much to do. Have a great day. ~Tonya


Be My Honey-Bee...

Meet Sweet Helena Bear & Honey-Bee. I have them scheduled to start this eveing and will be listed on eBay for 5 days...to end Thursday evening. Sweet Helena features my NEW eyes. I wanted to try them for a long time and finally did! I am very pleased with them.

Sweet Helena has her little Honey-Bee with her. Honey-Bee is fully needle felted and so very neat. Honey-Bee can be removed. Now I have to work on a give a way for the Mercantile and also my NEW offerings for the Mercatile...they have to be GRAND for out One Year Anniversary!

Annie says she has created a monster with these graphics *smirk* I made this banner for my listing to go with Sweet Helena for ebay (like I didn't have anything else to do). Graphics and banners is my new obsession....but I can not allow it to take up too much time. If you happen to stop by eBay when Sweet Helena is listed, I learned how to pull the colors and patterns right out of my pics and added them to my graphics....way too much FUN!!

I will be having a Customized Banner/Logo give-a-way right here on my Blog! After I am done with my offereings for the Mercantile and my swap. I will post more details, in the very near future, so be sure to keep stopping back. I will have to allow time for sigining up...so it will not be long from now. I must scoot. Have a good day. ~Tonya


My internet was out on Friday for quite a while and on top of that....still NO Email!! I can send out email, but I can not receiving email in my normal account. How FRUSTRATING is that! I would love to change my email account to a different account, but the free accounts have a "cap" on sending emails. What that means is, I would not be able to send out my updates to all of you . Not to mention, I would have to change several accounts to a different email. That would be quite a daunting task....One I am not ready to do! So, I will sit patiently and be frustrated!

My eye exam told me a lot! Back when I was getting all the headaches a few months ago....they were most likely due to my eyes. My one eye has changed quite a bit. The Doc said, he does not like to see that much change, so fast. I think it is because I use my eyes for all that close up work, on my dollies. But there is good news, my eyes are healthy. So that is good. He said once I get me new prescription, my eyes will be able to relax.

I finished up a new dollie. She is so sweet....if my internet holds out, I hope to list her tonight on ebay. I will list her for 5 days. I will be able to be included in the TDIPT Launch after all. If any of you need to reach me you can email me at
backporchpickins@yahoo.com I hope you all have a great day. Blessings, ~Tonya


Random thoughts...

Where does the time go? It just seems to be flying by. Ever heard the hurrier I go, the behinder I get? That is me or at least how I feel lately. I am not getting much done, time is flying by me and I seem as if to be standing still.

My piece I was working on, is giving me all kinds of grief, so I have set that aside and have started a new piece. I have many things to make for this month yet. I signed up for a swap, in my TDIPT group, I must still make a door prize, (for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY) for The Mercantile. And I must not forget, I have to make something to put on the Mercantile. Most, if not all, are also offering FREE shipping for March.

It is for our 1st Year Anniversary. Door prizes and also a gift certificate to be spent on the Mercantile, along with free shipping. It will be so much FUN. You will have to be sure to pop on over there in March......lots going on. Don't worry, I will post more later, when it gets a bit closer. See, as I said time sure is flying by. One year already, can you believe it.

I have a doc appt. this morning (for my eye's), it seems as if I may need a stronger prescription....Grrrr. It is probably all the fine stitching that I do. I have much to do, so I must "scat". Have a great day, ~Tonya


And the Kiddies...

Made a SNOWMAN!! That Snowman is over six feet tall. So very neat! I can see it right out the kitchen window. The snow that came down, is PERFECT for Snowmen and snowballs. I ended up making brownies while the kid's were outside, Yummm. They smelled them as soon as they came in. Have a good evening. Toodles...

Merry Monday...

Today, the snow started to fly and visibility was diminished. We were suppose to get some really bad weather and because of last weeks blizzard, some schools and such decided to not take a chance and closed early. My children's schools, closed 2 hours early. By the time they were released, it was beautiful out.

The kiddies are taking advantage of a nice day and are outside playing. It is good for kids to play outside and get fresh air. They said they are building "snow forts" in the woods. The trees today looked like they had a "feather" dusting. When snow falls gracefully and collects to the trees, it is a sight to behold. Freshly fallen snow.....just beautiful.

I am working (trying) on a new piece, Americana. It seems like I have been "bitten" by the Americana bug. Sometimes I go long periods of time and do not make any Americana and at other times, like now, I am working on another piece. I like to call it "Old Glory".

My TDIPT eBay group is having a group launch this week........I was going to participate, but somewhere along the lines, dropped the ball. It is Birds, Bees and Bunnies too. Practically everything to do with Spring, but my heart right now, is not into more bunnies. So, I do not think I will get one done in time for the launch. Maybe next time.

I hope you all have a Merry Monday. This week is very busy with appt. for myself and for the kiddies, so we will see how much I get done. Until next time, take care of you! ~Tonya



I have been playing with graphics!! I always wanted to make my own banners, with some of my Original dolls. Well, I finally did it!! This is my very first one. I have lots to learn, but I do love this one. I can't wait to use it on another Americana listing. I think it is so neat, when people have their own dollie, incorporated into a banner/logo.

Just thought I would share this with all of you. It is quite an achievement for me, especially since I didn't even know how to make a plain , filled in "box" yesterday *smirk* Thanks to Annie, showing me a bit of the ropes, she is such a patient person.

I hope you all have a great day. I am going to work and work some more. There never seems to be quite enough time. The kiddies are all going out to play, so I think I can get a lot done around the house. Toodles for now, ~Tonya