Our 13th Year Anniversary...

A picture of Darrel and I, 13 Years ago, right after we lite our "Unity" Candle. Wow, 13 years have already gone by since we said, "I Do". My how time flies. There are parts of that day, that I will never forget...but then there are parts of that day, that are such a "fuzzy haze", that I can not remember.

We have been together for so many years, that we finish each others sentences or thoughts. How neat is it that when you and I, become a "we" and so much more. To have someone to share your life with, is only the beginning.

Marriage is so much more. To share all of it. Not just the good times or the happy times...but there are times in every ones lives that you have to face, whether you would like to or not. Together, with someone that you love, it seems to be a bit easier, when the going gets "rough".

So, here is to many more years together........we have been through so much together, that without one another, I don't think that we would be the same people we are today. With each stone we have turned, with each mountain we have climbed...he gives me "strength" when I can not seem to find it and I give him a "push", when he needs it. We are good by ourselves, but "together", we are better. Here is to "Growing Old together".......The Best is yet to be!

Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Handmade by Courtney...

Meet Emmie, the Lil Punkin girl...Handmade by Courtney. This is her first little primitive dollie. She is made from a pattern from Hills Kountry Kreations. She is posting her, here on my blog for sale...

Emmie is almost 11 inches tall. She is made of painted muslin. She has little stick arms and legs. Her little skirt is made of homespun with a grubby little stained cheese cloth apron around her. Her eyes and teeth are stitched with floss. Her mouth is painted. She has a little vintage style tinsel garland scarf.

Courtney says...If you would like Emmie for all Hallow's Eve, she can be yours for $11.95 or best offer, plus shipping. If you would be interested in purchasing Emmie, just contact Courtney, through my email address at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Rain, Rain go away...

Well, there is flooding all over in the area....we are fine so far. Knock on wood. The rain just will not let up. It quits for a while, then it starts up again. The ground is so saturated, that it can not "drink" any more rain. I hope we do not get rain for the next two days, as they had said on the news, a day or so ago.

I bet you are wondering what that wing is doing up there. *smirk* That is my latest hand-did. It was a good day to stay inside and work. With all that rain, who wants to go outside. It is really chilly here too. Odd weather for August. Anywho, this little sneak peek will be listed on eBay, on Tuesday. I love the way it is turning out. I just had to put the finishing touches too it.....

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a ho-hum weekend here with all the rain. Jordan and Courtney have been working on some dolls too.........I tell ya, Mom needs a lot of patience for that. I love that they are creating, but it takes a lot of patience for me to explain everything.

Happy Trails to you......Until we meet again. ~Tonya


Moonbeam & Hoot...

This is my Newest Dollie. I had to make him dramatic with some picture editing to make him look like an ~Olde Harvest Moon~ Hi is very Whimsical and so detailed. He has his little "Side-Kick" with him....his name is "Hoot", a little Owl...

I will be listing him in the next few days on eBay. I have been so busy with kids, cleaning, packing supplies and all the fun stuff that goes along with everyday. I have been a bit "crabby" or just plain "off" for too many days. I think summer has gotten to me.

I can not wait for school to start up again, then we will all be back on a schedule and routine. Yup, yup, yup Sept. 4th is the day! Yippee Skippy!! I need some time to just think....without 50 million interruptions. Know what I mean? *smirk*

Oh, I also released a couple of FUN *NEW* patterns/epatterns. My Pumpkin and Skeleton ~Noise Makers~ and also little Trees. They can be found at Patternmart or eBay. I have not updated my website, shame on me. LOL

I am getting a little piece of mind tonight. I am going to go out to eat with my sister and then to B-I-N-G-O! Yes, BINGO for my Birthday....a little late, but better late then never. We have a lot of laughs there and people wonder how we can even pay attention to the numbers being called.....when all we do is laugh and yack!

A Good Evening to all of you...~Tonya


Because Nice Matters....

I feel so very "Honored" to be Nominated by not one, but two very sweet gals for the "Nice Matters" award. I was nominated by Nancy of "Notes from Nancy" and Pea of "Pea Picker's Primitives". So very kind and it is so appreciated.

I needed a "Pick me up", yesterday I was a "Crabby Pants". I think I was just tired. I got a good night sleep and I feel much better today. :) Well, I now must pass the Nice Matters award on to other deserving souls. There are soooo many that I would love to pass it on too, but they do not have blogs or websites and such....so here it goes.

Annie Of "Allegheny Annies"

Danita of "Danita Art"

Sylvia Anderson

Jackie of "Fat Jak"

Dawn of "The Feathered Nest"

I hope you all have a great weekend. I have a million and one things to do. Never enough time.
Blessings & Smiles, ~Tonya


Another year Older...

Another year Wiser? Today is my Birthday, hubby has to work, but my Mom is coming over to have supper and she has my favorite....Turtle cheese cake Yum!! That is my very favorite.

I stayed up waaaay to late last night putting the finishing touches on my Newest Creation. He is for All Hallow's Eve......I am stuck on Autumn Gatherings. If I have time today, I will list him, otherwise tomorrow I suppose. My son has a new offering as well....

There he is, I call him ~Fat Jack~ He is 18 inches tall and about 28 - 29 inches round. Olde Thyme Charm....with lots of detail. I am very Happy with the way he turned out. I may sell him on my site, eBay or right here on my blog??? I am not for sure...

I played in the dirt this week and mowed...oh what fun. The daunting task of weeds and mowing. Oh well, someone has to do it. You would not believe all of the dragonflies that have been around. I don't know if that is a sign of something?? I am off to get some things done. Have a great day. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


My Scarecrow...

This is the dollie I have been working on! I am "stuck" a little in Autumn right now....but I love that thyme of year. So this is ~Scarecrow Harvest Gathering~ It is scheduled to start listing on eBay at 9 (Central time) tonight. I love the way he turned out. I used a pattern from Lottie of Sweetpea Primitives for the Scarecrow...with my own touches...

The crows are from Kentucky Primitives. I have lots of cleaning to do now. I spent waaay too many hours on this guy. I hope you all have a grand day!

Many Blessings, ~Tonya



Happy 10th Birthday to My Courtney!! Wow, August is just to busy with Birthdays. Today we will make a Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. That is Courtney's favorite. Of course she had cake on Sunday....but we always make or buy a little something on the day of their Birthday. Ya have too :o)

Hubby has to work, so maybe the kids and I will find something special to do. We are scouting around for a keyboard for Courtney. This is something she came up with last minute, after we gave Jordan an electric guitar for his birthday. They say they are starting a band. How cute! Had I known she wanted one, I would of already had it for her. Kids, they can't make it easy on Mom *smirk*

Well, I am off to get some shut eye, before the birds start chirpin'...see it is 3:27 in the mornin' and I must just be crazy.....I got lost in my doll. A Scarecrow, it will be a Harvest Gathering, not just a Scarecrow. He is turning out so neat. Well, I am off to DREAM Land.

Peaceful Dreams, ~Tonya



This is my *NEW* Dollie on eBay. To see all of her, you will have to go to eBay. I think she is so neat. She has her 3 teeth hanging out....they are floss stitched. The look on her face...is priceless. She also has these funky leggins that I had so much fun with. I decided to list her for a 3 Day Auction. Some people don't like to wait so long....we will see how the 3 day Auction goes. I have never had one listed so short before.

Well, I am off. I am going to clean, get my hair high-lighted and work on a dollie later on today. I also want to say, my hear goes out to all of the families that still have loved ones trapped under the I-35 Bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis,MN. What a tragedy! They have been working not stop...except for at night to try and reach the people still trapped. They have said that there are no survivors under the concrete....How very sad.

Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya



A BIG Happy 12th Birthday to my JORDAN!! I just can not believe how time flies. Seems just like yesterday he was learning to talk and walk. Today we will have some fun. Of course, gifts, pie and maybe out to eat. Sometimes they like the good olde fashioned cooking. He says Mom's homemade pizza is the best. Yum!

I hope you all have a great day. I might list my witch on eBay tonight...if time allows. Yay, she is too neat. She is a little different for me, but I love the way she turned out.

Smiles, ~Tonya



I am so HAPPY!!! Our Neighbor, a road over had her. "Paws & Claws" worked for us on the Radio Station. I am so Thankful. They didn't know we had a second dog. Now everything is good! I put her tags on...first thing!! She is happy to be Home.

Big Ole Smiles...~Tonya

My Heart is Heavy...

My Heart is heavy and I am very sad. Our Kali is missing. Jordan thought he would let Coco and Kali off their cables to play and she took off. She went into our long grass by our woods and just kept on going. We have searched and searched for her.....no such luck.

Her tags had fallen off, I replace them, they fell off again and I didn't get to put them back on. I feel partially responsible and so very mad at myself. The rings that held the tags on, just kept getting pulled and stretched...I wanted to get a good one and I just always forgot to do so.

She went missing Sunday evening. I have called the Humane Society in the area, the Dog Catcher, three different Vets. and the radio station that has "Paws & Claws" (they have a listing for lost and found animals). I was hoping with getting the word out right aways, something would help. We have looked and driven and yelled for her several times. It is so hot out, she is young and has only been in the area for about 2 months....if even 2 months. So, I am very sad and I pray for her safe arrival. I hope someone has found her and will call one of the places that I have called...

Signing off with much sadness...~Tonya